50% of Portuguese people don’t know what orthodontics is

The OralMed Dental Medicine Clinics recently developed the first “Portrait of Orthodontics in Portugal” – a nationwide study that assesses the main motivations and withdrawals of Portuguese people in relation to orthodontics and offers several suggestions for dentists.

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Madeira: dentists will have a career in the public health service

The Regional Secretary of Health of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM), Pedro Ramos, recently announced the creation of a public service career in dentistry. The decision was made known during an audience with the surgeon general of the Order of Dentists (OMD), Orlando Monteiro da Silva, and the representative of the OMD Board of Directors in the RAM, Gil Fernandes Alves.

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1st BQDC Annual Meeting held in Ortopóvoa

On the 5th of July, Ortopóvoa received the dentists in charge of the national clinics that are members of the Best Quality Dental Centers (BQDC), to present and discuss the best practices in the area of dental medicine.

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