Core Concept, your partner in construction projects

Imagem da notícia: Core Concept, your partner in construction projects

Following the remodeling of the Freamunde Dental Clinic, we got to know the company responsible for the project: Core Concept. This company has a team of architectural and engineering technicians with experience in various fields of construction, both in the design of projects and in the monitoring of their execution, also having “work done” in buildings of the health sector, namely dental clinics. .

Core Concept was founded in 2013 with the goal of creating a multidisciplinary team capable of addressing all project themes. Over the first years, little by little, this team model was being implemented. “With the opening of the economic environment and the stabilization of the team’s valences we are on a sustained growth path since 2015. We currently have 14 permanent employees and six external consultants, around 300 projects carried out and a portfolio of approximately 100 clients”, he began. for telling Artur Castro, the company’s CEO, to DentalPro.

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December 9, 2019
Dental medicine

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