Together for a career at the National Health System

Portugal’s new State Secretary of Health, Raquel Duarte, reaffirmed the government’s commitment with dental medicine, ensuring that “there is a huge effort in maintaining the population’s oral health care within the National Health System context”.

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How fares Portuguese oral health?

Within the Nacional Study for Oral Disease Prevalence III, developed in partnership by the National Dental Health Promotion Program and the Portuguese Dental Association, a sample of 6315 individuals was examined.

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Healthcare professional orders demand reduction of the fees charged by ERS

The healthcare professional orders, represented at the Conselho Consultivo da Entidade Reguladora da Saúde (ERS) – Advisory Board of the Health Regulation Authority by the Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas (Order of Dentists) and by the Ordem dos Médicos (Order of Physicians), demand a significant reduction on the regulatory fees charged to the healthcare providers.

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