“Proximity to dentists is paramount for us”

With a subsidiary in Portugal since 2020, S.I.N wants to “bring innovative solutions to more doctors and dentists in Portugal.” DentalPro spoke with Thaísa Passos, global marketing manager at S.I.N. Implant System, to learn more about this project in Portugal, namely about the marketing plans being implemented in our country.

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Albertina Alves Dental Clinic celebrates 20 years

Reaching the milestone of 20 years of existence is a source of pride for a company. It represents not only the work done, but also the almost family-like union of, in this case, the Albertina Alves Dental Clinic based in Vila Nova de Gaia that has stood the test of time. According to the head of the Clinic, the two decades have been made up of moments, and 2009 marks an important milestone in this journey with the expansion of facilities and services provided.

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