DentalPro Awards: And the winner clinics for 2018 are …

Imagem da notícia: DentalPro Awards: And the winner clinics for 2018 are …

The motto was released by DentalPro magazine: to choose, year after year, the Portuguese dental clinics that stand out for their work of excellence. The initiative, which began in 2017, took place again this year, this time in the north, on 30th January. With wonderful views over the River Douro, the DentalPro team welcomed guests in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. The stunning Tented Room at The Yeatman Hotel, with its charming colourful decor provided a nice convivial atmosphere conducive to the purpose of the event: to elect the winners of the 2018 DentalPro Awards.

Backed by five evaluation criteria – Human Innovation, Day-to-Day Management, Environment and Promotion, Adequate Customer Service Adequate and Social Responsibility – this year the jury singled out 18 dental clinics in various districts of the country: AllMed Clinic (Braga), Campus Clinic (Vila Real), Clitrofa (Porto), Dinâmica Crescente (Porto) Bocca Clinic (Porto), IRON (Porto), Sampaio Fernandes (Porto), Orisclinic (Coimbra), Naderclinic (Santarém), Bonfante Dental Clinic (Lisbon), Alcoforado Clinic (Lisbon), Santa Madalena Dental Clinic (Lisboa), Lx Clinic (Lisbon), Cautela Clinic (Lisbon), MD Clinic (Lisbon), Monte Alentejo Clinic(Beja), Cris Piessens Clinic (Faro) and Arriaga Clinic (Madeira).

March 25, 2018
DentalPro awards


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