Mariana Dolores joins the Board at Mundo A Sorrir

Imagem da notícia: Mariana Dolores joins the Board at Mundo A Sorrir

The NGO Mundo A Sorrir (MAS) started the new year with a new board led by Mariana Dolores. Mariana Dolores is a dentist and is very optimistic in what concerns the future of the Organization.  

She stated “I see this challenge with optimism and sense of responsibility. It is an honour to have an amazing team on my side, because of the enormous dedication with which they carry on their work of giving support to the unprivileged”.

The objectives for this term as connected to the “sustainability of the already existing projects, allowing them to keep expanding”. Another great aim is the “professionalization in all projects, namely in the international ones” and, in the domain of communication, Mariana Dolores affirms that it is fundamental to innovate in the way Mundo A Sorrir is positioning itself before its stakeholders, with the objective to increase the effectiveness of its intervention.

Mariana Dolores’ team is composed by people from different backgrounds, “what will, undoubtedly, be a plus for the Organização”, assures the new president.

February 4, 2019
Dental medicine


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