The president of OMD is the new president of FEDCAR

Imagem da notícia: The president of OMD is the new president of FEDCAR

Orlando Monteiro da Silva, President of the Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas (OMD), was unanimously elected President of FEDCAR – Federation of European Dental Competent Authorities and Regulators. It is an organisation that brings together orders, associations and other bodies that regulate, register and supervise dentistry. It is composed of 22 members from 21 European countries.

The UK’s departure from the European Union is the main challenge for Orlando Monteiro da Silva’s presidency: “FEDCAR is very concerned about the possibility of a disengagement without agreement. There are thousands of dentists from various countries practising in the United Kingdom, Portugal alone has almost a thousand, not all of whom are in a position to stay. It is no less important to safeguard the monitoring of patients and the working situation of professionals. FEDCAR, in collaboration with other organisations linked to the health sector, has demanded the creation of a legal framework between the European Union and the United Kingdom to ensure that professionals continue to benefit from training opportunities and the automatic recognition of their qualifications”.

The OMD’s president highlights as priorities for FEDCAR, ‘the monitoring of the implementation under the directive of the ‘Reconhecimento Mútuo das Qualificações Profissionais’, the regulation, at European level, of advertising in dentistry and the procedures for accreditation of dental studies in Europe, in a dossier which also includes teaching and student associations and the Conselho Europeia de Dentistas’.

February 26, 2019
Dental medicine


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