“The way forward has always been very clear to me”

Imagem da notícia: “The way forward has always been very clear to me”

Specialist in oral rehabilitation for over 20 years, Austrian Gabor Tepper was a speaker at the 28th Congress of the Order of Dentists (OMD), an event held last week in Lisbon. Sponsored by Straumann, this dentist in an interview explains to us his connection to the brand and the advantages that the new Straumann BLX implant system offers to professionals and of course to patients.

DentalPro: Has over 20 years experience in implantology. Can you describe your route until today?

Gabor Tepper: I finished the studies at the faculty of medicine and dental medicine and, after graduating from UCLA in the USA, I specialized in implantology. In 2003, I became a full-time Professor in the department of oral surgery at the Vienna Medical University in Austria. At the same time, I worked as a dentist in my private practice, focusing on implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

DP: Have you ever wanted to be a dentist?

GT: I grew up as the son of two dentists. My father, by the way, already was installing implants in 1980; so the way forward has always been very clear to me!

DP: When did you start your connection with Straumann?

GT: My journey with Straumann started two years ago, driven by the new product line, along with the most important factor: support! I immediately liked Straumann’s top-down philosophy, always in touch with Marco Gadola, CEO, Michel Dard, Research Director, and Juergen Nottebohm, the current head of the brand in Austria (prior to that, Juergen worked for the company in Portugal and Spain). In short, easy contact – great support – good products. This is what counts today!

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November 20, 2019

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