“We want you to stay connected with us, of course!”

Imagem da notícia: “We want you to stay connected with us, of course!”

“As a result of the ambition and vision of four young dentists, eviDENTEmente.podcast naturally defines itself as the best podcast dedicated to dentistry. A space for exclusive interviews with professionals who daily assume the smile of others as their reason of life. Informal but genuine conversations and always in a relaxed atmosphere… so that the interviewee feels at home and the listener in our room. We want you to stay connected with us, of course! ”. This is the challenge launched by Guilherme Tavares, João Oliveira, Pedro Ferreira and Rui Nuno Coelho, the mentors of this pioneering project in the sector.

How did you come up with the idea of creating eviDENTEmente.podcast?

The idea of creating our podcast came initially with João Oliveira. A big consumer of podcasts and a restless mind, he believed that creating something like this in dentistry could have adherence. In a night of socializing with the rest of the group, he decides to share the idea and gather all the necessary support. The general enthusiasm was immediate, innovative ideas began to emerge, and we soon realized that the seed was sown so that something different could flourish. We felt that something fresh was missing from today’s dentistry. Something that could add and inspire colleagues, but above all something that would promote our frequent contact. Gather friends around a table, talk about topics that daily add to our awareness and stimulate our audience. Why not?

Learn all about this project in the next issue of DentalPro.

November 20, 2019

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