OMD promotes the Microbiological Control course in Endodontics

With a duration of two hours, the free training of the Continuing Training Centre of the Portuguese Dental Association (OMD), taught by Daniel Vaz Souza, will be broadcast live online, on the 14th of March 2022.

According to the OMD, the main objective of this training is to “Understand the potential role of cross-infection in the success of endodontic treatment; discuss techniques and materials for disinfection of the surgical field and root canal system; debate certain aspects of microbial persistence and its involvement in endodontic failure”.

At the end of this Clinical Course, the trainee must acquire skills within the framework of “understanding how cross-infections can be minimized”, as well as “reviewing contemporary techniques for disinfecting the root canal system”.

More information and respective applications available on the OMD website.

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