“It will be 40 years of a clinic that was once our father’s dream”

In a year that celebrates four decades of activity, the renovation of the facilities was the starting point for us to visit Dentoral, a clinic of generations that practices dentistry “at the highest level of excellence”.

What was the objective in remodeling the facilities?

For some years now, with the growth of the team, we have been feeling the need to expand the clinic, increasing not only the number of offices, but mainly the areas where patients, clinical staff and employees come and go more frequently. With the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic this expansion became necessary in order to guarantee greater safety for all.

What are the new features of this remodeled clinic?

In the front line (reception and waiting room) the space was highly remodeled. At the reception we have more workplaces and double the space. Regarding the waiting room we now have three distinct areas where patients can wait with a safe distance. In the new offices we maintained the great bet that had been made in 2018, when we updated and upgraded all the dental equipment. Counseling at first-time appointments is now performed in a space of its own, more reserved and welcoming. The photo studio is being finished.

In 2022 you will celebrate 40 years. How do you look back on your history in the industry, and at the same time, how do you envision the near future?

It will be 40 years of a clinic that was once our father’s dream. He dreamed it, worked hard, and made it come true: we are a clinic that practices dentistry at the highest level of excellence. We have excellent dentists and oral hygienists and focus on the patient. The future is challenging and demanding, as has been our journey so far. But, with the right people by our side and keeping an eye on new technologies and the scientific evolution of the area, we are sure that we will keep up with the best that dentistry has to offer to patients.

Full interview in DentalPro 162.

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