Interview with Bruno Seabra

Professional photographer at Light Up Studio, Bruno Seabra is currently the CEO and a dentist at Clínica Dentária do Marquês, in Lisbon. Professor of Imagiology at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon, the dentist considers the apprenticeship in photography as “a mission” and does not hide that he currently divides his life between” two loves”.

Are photography workshops the main present tool to raise awareness in the dental sector?

It certainly is. The photography courses we have prepared aim exactly to teach and motivate colleagues to record their cases, whose increasing importance in our area is unsurpassed. In addition to its use in diagnosis, planning, communication with staff, laboratory and of course with the patient, its importance in medical and legal terms is essential. The registration of the initial case is imperative for our protection in the event of any conflict with the patient.

Read the interview in DentalPro magazine soon.

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