The 7th edition of IORC “surpassed all expectations”

Imagem da notícia: The 7th edition of IORC “surpassed all expectations”

The 7th edition of the Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation Congress (IORC) was marked by the presence of several of the biggest names in contemporary implantology worldwide, such as Dennis Tarnow and Daniel Buser.

André Chen demonstrated his pride in participation in the IORC. The seventh edition surpassed all expectations for the specialist in Oral Surgery:

“All the talks were excellent and I think the audience had the opportunity to learn immensely. The University of Lisbon auditorium was full, very impressive in an oral rehabilitation event.

If the main objective of the initiative is to share experiences and knowledge in the field of implantology, rehabilitation and oral health, for André as well as João Caramês, what everyone will remember is the presence of two of the most prestigious implantologists of the modern era. “Attending a Portuguese stage for Dennis Tarnow and Daniel Buser to discuss implantology was memorable.”

Read the full report in the May issue of DentalPro.

May 17, 2018

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