Ana Paula Atanásio showcases Portuguese dental medicine

Imagem da notícia: Ana Paula Atanásio showcases Portuguese dental medicine

After receiving the 2017 DentalPro Prize, Ana Paula Atanásio and Carlos Carreira from Nova Dentismed explained how they laid the groundwork for their success in an interview highlighting the “strategy of offering quality differentiation”.

DentalPro: What do you think is Portugal’s status in terms of dental medicine? What can be improved on?

Ana Paula Atanásio: Dental medicine in Portugal has been improving a lot in recent years and is definitely at the level of world’s best practice. Of course, like in any sector, there is both good and bad. But it is up to each of us, especially dentists, to defend our profession and the quality of our service and to not compromise on our principles of ethics and quality.

DP: What challenges lie ahead for those who are just starting out in this area?

APA: They are similar to the challenges of any profession. The first is to learn, learn and learn. Not only in terms of the technical aspects, but also in terms of the human side and how to manage the various situations that arise. Practice is also fundamental for an activity like ours, in addition to advising clients and giving prescriptions. Then there is the increasingly competitive market, where you need to find a way to stand out.

July 16, 2018


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