What is most important to the patient?

Imagem da notícia: What is most important to the patient?

This is the testimony of Geninho Thomé, also known simply as Dr. Geninho, president of Neodent, who unveils his views on the Grand Morse line – the new implant system of the company belonging to the Straumann Group.

DentalPro: What is most important to the patient?

Dr. Geninho Tomé: It is very important to think about the longevity of our patients’ rehabilitation. The average life expectancy has been increasing and, besides, patients need and are looking for implant treatments at an increasingly younger age.

Let’s consider the patient who has an implant placed today between natural teeth: in the future, he may lose these teeth and the implant should provide the conditions for new types of rehabilitation, allowing it to be joined to new implants through a fixed prosthesis, for example.

Therefore, we have to be concerned about biomechanics, selecting the ideal diameter and length of the implant that will be used. Also of great importance is the quality of the implant manufacturing material and the surface treatment, which promotes a change in the correlation between the implant surface and the bone, accelerating the process of osseointegration and maintaining the bone in contact with the surface of the implant.

Read the full-length cover interview in issue 129 of DentalPro.

October 5, 2018

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