Together for a career at the National Health System

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While attending the opening ceremony of the WHO Conference, Portugal’s new State Secretary of Health, Raquel Duarte, reaffirmed the government’s commitment with dental medicine, ensuring that “there is a huge effort in maintaining the population’s oral health care within the National Health System context”.

Questioned by a member of WHO about the implementation of dental care in the National Health Service, Raquel Duarte said, addressing directly dentists that “we understand your expectations for the implementation of a career in dentistry within the National Health System, and we want to ensure you that the project to create such a thing in the public administration is under analysis; it has not been forgotten.

This Ministry strongly feels that valuing healthcare professionals is essential, that is why we count on your work and dedication so that we can have more and more dentists integrated to the Oral Healthcare Program in all its aspects, in order to meet the needs of the population”.

November 28, 2018
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