“Caring for people was Straumann’s number one request”

Imagem da notícia: “Caring for people was Straumann’s number one request”

After a year out of his natural habitat, he returned to the dental sector with a backpack full of soft skills, which he treasures. The paths he has trodden for more than 15 years in the sector will take him even further since the beginning of 2021. The distance between Madrid and Portugal may be small, but the will to overcome the challenges is big. He considers himself an insider who sees the segmentation and organisation of the company as priorities. We met Straumann Group’s new General Manager Iberia, António Moutinho.

Was it your profile, focused on Southern European markets and dynamics, and proven track record of working in the medical devices industry that led to the Straumann Group’s invitation?

I like to think so, but I judge that it was a mixture of things. Obviously with my experience in the industry, over the last 15 years, you could say I am an insider in the dental market. Apart from a year’s break due to a contractual obligation to end my connection with Nobel/Danaher, I am an insider, not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but also in Southern Europe. This led Straumann to look for someone to lead the Straumann Group’s Iberian project who already had a proven track record, and I assume without any immodesty that my career and my CV were not a brake. That is what the (Straumann) Group was looking for, but it was not the only one.

Obviously, there is a part of my management, my soft skills, that are an asset for organisations coming out of this pandemic, that need to reorganise themselves, to look inside the structure, to know how you can take better care of people, know how you can be happier in the workplace, how people can produce more from a distance. They are all news aspects in the markets, and the Group is very concerned about them and wants to catapult and optimise them. This is one of my priorities for this year and to look inside of Straumann, to look at the people in my teams and guarantee that they have the best conditions, the best training and the best leadership.

What made you leave Portugal in the middle of the pandemic to take up a new post abroad?  What does this invitation mean at this time?

This is a great question. The fact that we are in a global pandemic and I agreed to leave Portugal, was obviously something that made me think of my family. Going between Portugal and Spain is not something new, I have been doing it since 2011, so I still have all the mechanisms in place. In the globalisation we have these days, Spain is next door. Madrid is four hours by car. 50 minutes by plane. There are people who do this every day. I am not the exception. We have to feel blessed for these opportunities and to be able to do things that are still important and that will certainly enhance my career.

What was the main request the Straumann Group management addressed to you in this new project?

The number one request was: look after people. When I say look after people, I mean looking after our clients, looking after our employees and trainers to look after the scientific community that supports Straumann. These stakeholders need to be cared for. Some providing more training, others more tools with some incentive. The pandemic has taught us that we need listen to the people. Some of them are our customers, others will be in the future and some of them are already, our colleagues, our employees.

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May 14, 2021

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