“The future is related to artificial intelligence and telemedicine”

Pedro Costa-Monteiro, dentist with exclusive practice in orthodontics, assumes that his life motto is “try to be a pioneer in some areas but live in the present”, even revealing that “the future is today”. The pioneering spirit he refers to is Dental Monitoring, a system for monitoring orthodontic treatment at distance.

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“A very challenging and rewarding experience”

For the president of the organizing committee of the Congress of the Order of Dentists (OMD), Sofia Arantes e Oliveira, the balance could not be more satisfactory. If at the personal level she classifies the experience as something remarkable, she emphasizes as coordinator of the event the massive adhesion of the participants, the presence of renowned national and international speakers, besides the environmental aspect, with the elimination of plastic and the reduction of waste paper.

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Interview with Germano Rocha

Throughout my career as a dentist I have divided my time between family, teaching oral surgery at the Faculdade de Medicina Dentária da Universidade do Porto (FMDUP) and the private clinic”. Germano rocha doesn’t need introduction and it is in this simple and humble way that he starts our conversation and summarizes his immense career path.

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