Medika Takes a Chance on Dentistry

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The company Medika MCN Tecnologia Medicinal S.A based in Santa Maria da Feira and founded in 2016 by the engineer Nuno Vasco Pinho Andrade “is a reference in health technology, continuously contributing to the improvement of healthcare”. DentalPro spoke with Nuno Andrade about the five years of the company and the new investments that are being made, particularly with regard to dentistry.

It was precisely five years ago that Medika was founded. The 6th of July marked the beginning of a solo project that has been growing and taking shape thanks to Nuno Andrade. Despite having previous experience, having worked early on in a family business linked to gases, Nuno Andrade decided to follow a different path and open his own business.

With premises also in Angola, Bissau, Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Turkey, Medika provides health solutions suited to the needs of institutions in 57 areas of intervention ranging from ophthalmology, to forensic medicine, or thoracic surgery. At the moment they are also focusing on dentistry, nuclear medicine, cardiac surgery and imaging (X-rays, MRI, CT scans).

“For dentistry we are already working on hiring dentists linked to materials, that is, we are looking for dentists who already have the knowledge and experience, to know which product is adequate, what recommendation to give, what the new training is, what the market trends are (…)”.

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September 29, 2021
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